The Immediacy Of Outdoor Digital Signage

Apr - 21

The Immediacy Of Outdoor Digital Signage

Immediacy is one of the main benefits of digital signage as opposed to traditional sign systems, this article explores why. Vehicle signage Sydney turns your car into a moving billboard it is another sort of advertisement catch people’s attention.

Immediacy is one of the many benefits of digital outdoor signage and is one of the main reasons so many screens are installed in outdoor locations, beaming messages, advertisements and information to the masses.

As digital signage involves electronic information, unlike other forms of advertising and signage, content can (almost) instantly be uploaded. This provides many benefits for those using the outdoor digital sign, and it’s not just advertisers either, although they currently use most of the digital outdoor signage we see around the high streets, as the immediacy offers many benefits for advertisers.


Out of home advertising has always been popular with advertisers as it provides large audiences for relatively low cost (in comparison to TV or radio advertising); however, one of the disadvantages of out of home advertising is the cost and logistics of replacing content. Normally, for traditional static signage, technicians have to travel about replacing content manual-a costly and time-consuming business. With digital signage, content can be uploaded remotely and immediately, saving both time and money.

Furthermore, the immediacy provides advertisers with opportunities, especially for retail advertising, where content can instantly be changed depending on what particular products are being promoted or are selling at that particular time.

News and Information

The immediacy of digital outdoor signage is ideal for providing information. Many transport hubs use digital screens for supplying timetables and news of cancellations because of the immediacy. This helps keep passengers happy as they are kept informed with (almost) up to the minute information.

Providing news, weather or travel information is becoming an increasingly common use for outdoor screens too. Immediacy provides these capabilities, also, and when such information is interlaced with advertisements, it increases views as people seek out the information, boosting the effectiveness and audience for advertisers.

Emergency Response

Emergency information is another use for digital outdoor signage, which takes advantage of its immediacy. Ideal for all sorts of institutions and applications, digital outdoor signage can reach people that no other medium can. Best Sydney signage have complete materials to meet the demands of their customers.

Unlike email and text messaging, which are reliant on people accessing information, outdoor digital signage is visible to all around the screen. And unlike notice boards that take time to post up new content, the immediacy means as soon as an emergency situation breaks, visible (and even audio) warnings can be relayed.

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