Building Inspections

Why you need a building inspection:

1. Identify safety hazards and major defects
2. Plan your maintenance and repairs
3. Deal with problems in your existing home before they worsen
4. Plan your renovation
5. Identify any damage that has been caused by termites & other pests
6. Identify potential asbestos issues

What You Get

An easy to understand, jargon-free report within 24 hours of your inspection and the opportunity to discuss the findings with the inspector.

We will also help you understand the risks, if any, of undetected defects. You will also know what factors may have limited the report so you can make an upfront, informed decision.

The report will include:

  • Identification of safety hazards like suspected Asbestos
  • Identification of major defects which is anything that requires repair or replacement to stop further damage occurring
  • Identification of minor defects like expected property maintenance
  • Detailed photos describing defects
  • Works required to address these problems with the building
  • Which trades are required to do the work

Get peace of mind from a knowledgeable builder that has extensive experience building in your local area. Get a professional sounding board for your new project or purchase.