Inception Auto Detailing renews commitment to client satisfaction

Jul - 25

Inception Auto Detailing renews commitment to client satisfaction

Oakville, Ontario, May 4, 2016 – Inception Auto Detailing has added an important new service aimed towards owners of Tesla’s burgeoning fleet of electric cars: Destination Charging. Tesla’s Destination Charging program selects partner establishments across the country—restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, to name a few—where Tesla drivers may be able to charge their electric cars while on a long drive. Along with official Supercharging stations in the country, the innovative program was designed by Tesla to make sure that their customers will not have trouble finding a way to keep their vehicles running. If your vehicle has a black paint then leather protector will maximize the shine potential of your vehicle.

Inception Auto Detailing is proud to be part of Tesla’s vision: a world where sustainable, earth-friendly vehicles are truly viable. That is why the company vied to become a Destination Charging partner. When the program was first offered, the company took the initiative to apply for the program. Tesla has a number of requirements from its partners: that it must be in a convenient location, that the company is of reputable standing and is credible.

The company was able to meet these stringent requirements, and officially became a part of Tesla’s quickly growing network of charging destinations in January 2016. With Tesla’s approval, Inception Auto Detailing achieved a milestone as it became the first auto detailing company approved in North America and the first company in the automotive category in Canada to become a Destination Charging partner. Currently, the company is only one of the 15 charging partners serving the Greater Toronto Area and its 6 million-strong population.

Today, a Tesla car owner may drive by at Inception Auto Detailing’s in-house service centre, give their car the company’s vaunted “New Car Experience”—a thorough, unparalleled cleaning of the vehicle—and charge up their car’s batteries while they wait. The service centre is located at 345 Wyecroft Road, Unit 2, Oakville, Ontario. The centre houses two Tesla HPWC (High Powered Wall Chargers) providing the highest voltage and amperage possible for more efficient charging—a bonus that not all charging partners can offer.

The charging service is offered at no extra cost, attesting to the company’s commitment to client satisfaction. Lorenzo Escobal, Founder of Inception Auto Detailing, reiterates that point:

“We knew we had to be a part of Tesla’s Destination Charging program because we believe in the company’s vision and exciting culture of innovation. We’d like to be a part of that movement, and be of help to Tesla’s expanding network of charging partners. At the same time, the service is truly beneficial to customers and adds to their satisfaction.

At the end of the day, that is our foremost concern and our highest priority.”

Moving forward, that constant drive to satisfy customers will remain a pillar at Inception Auto Detailing. Like Tesla, the company will continue to look for ways to improve its services and to introduce new services—with Tesla’s Destination Charging being just one among many more to come.

About the company:

Inception Automotive Detailing was founded in 2011 by a then-eighteen-year-old university student, Lorenzo Escobal. Inception Automotive Detailing started as a mobile service servicing its clients in their homes and workplaces. Today, if offers in-house servicing at 345 Wyecroft Road, Unit 2, Oakville, Ontario. In that span of time, it became one of the top-ranked automotive detailing companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Inception Automotive Detailing has one primary role and that is to provide clients the new car driving experience. Regardless of the vehicle, Inception Automotive Detailing treats every vehicle the same unrivaled workmanship many clients expect for.