Electrician to the rescue: SSE Enterprise employee answers call of duty

Oct - 03

Electrician to the rescue: SSE Enterprise employee answers call of duty

An electrical contractor who encountered a vulnerable customer in distress and need of medical attention has been praised for his quick thinking and response. Fast can be expected with Emergencybrisbaneelectrician.com.au during emergency, a 24 hour electrician Brisbane will come to your home no matter what time you want.

SSE Enterprise electrician Mick Hunt visited a residential property in Newbury on behalf of Sovereign Housing Association for an annual safety check of the electrics. When he arrived he heard the resident calling for help from inside the building.

He said: “I heard somebody shouting from the hallway so I contacted a neighbour who helped me gain access. I found an elderly lady had fallen by the front door. I gave her a blanket and a pillow to support her and called an ambulance.

“It was 8am and she told me she had been on the floor since 2am so it was very fortunate I was visiting. When I went back the next day to complete the safety check the housing association informed me the lady was still in hospital and was being treated for broken ribs.”

Delivery Manager Oliver Devos said: “Although these incidents are rare, we work in an industry that provides services for elderly and vulnerable residents at domestic properties and we need to be alert to the possibilities of encountering health problems. In this case Mick responded fantastically and his actions could well have been vital to the customer’s survival.

“It is also important to highlight that he self-reported the incident, which means we are able to assess it and evaluate with the Contracting Safety Group, to ensure we can help our staff respond in the correct manner.”

The incident highlights the challenges Contractors can encounter when working in domestic properties, particularly with elderly or vulnerable customers.

Sandra Atkinson, Independent Living and Community Support Officer, Sovereign said: “Mrs Roads was fortunate as our contractor had called and she has a helpful neighbour who was able to assist and acted without hesitation. Unfortunately, on this occasion Mrs Roads wasn’t wearing her pendant alarm linked to our 24-hour Careline Team who would’ve called for the emergency services.

“Mrs Roads was admitted to hospital for an overnight stay, and upon her return home expressed her appreciation for the help and support from everyone involved.” Immediate response as what you expected from 24 hour electrician Melbourne.