The Digital Signage Industry and International Growth

Jul - 10

The Digital Signage Industry and International Growth

Over the past several months we’ve been speaking about the growth in the digital signage industry on the NAMC Newswire and how this growth will continue to move forward in 2007 and beyond, not only in the United States but also globally. We’ve spoken about the companies that are actually offering digital signage solutions to advertisers and if you just take a stroll in Times Square in New York City you can see digital signage at its best. is a premium signwriters Sydney that provides which provides quality signage for business advertisement.

But there are companies that play a vital role in the digital signage business that allow content to be delivered and changed at will, they allow for advertisers to reach their target market with the press of a button. They give retail stores, banks, shopping malls, convenience stores and other outlets the opportunity to either deliver their messages to their customers or generate additional revenue through the sale of advertising space on their digital systems.

Through the use of compelling content with advertising embedded within the content, such companies have the ability to seamlessly integrate an advertisers message with content that would attract the attention of consumers.

One other important element in digital signage are the actual units, the LCD or LED screens that you see at various retail locations that provide dynamic digital content. The problem has been that the expense of such systems becomes a blockade in more retailers implementing such systems.

New Age Media Concepts has found a solution that may intrigue more retailers, banks, shopping malls, airports, convenience stores and building owners to implement digital signage within their locations. New Age Media Concepts has long been a voice in the digital signage arena and they have formed NAMC Digital along with D2Ads to provide high quality digital signage solutions at affordable rates.

Through NAMC Digital venues will be able to not only offer advertisers the opportunity to advertise to their customer base but also integrate that with viable content making it less intrusive. Venues such as commercial banks or retail stores actually have the opportunity to feature the latest sales offers, events, new product launches and more at rates that are surprisingly affordable.

The beauty of the system is that all that is required is power, no cables are needed to be run through the locations, no computer or boxes are needed to be placed in a small room, this seamless integration within a venue provides ease of use and the ability to change or rotate content with ease.

As we move deeper into the mobile lifestyle, as I’ve written many times about, consumers are becoming more difficult to connect with. This is pushing more advertisers to seek alternative forms of advertising, from connecting with consumers via cell phones to dynamic digital displays, and they are doing it more now than ever. Commercial environments such as banks, retail stores and sports venues are beginning to see the value in digital signage and are implementing them within their venues, this is just the beginning of the growth and NAMC Digital along with D2Ads looks forward to playing a vital role in this growth.

Although major players in the digital signage industry include the likes of PRN Corporation; which creates in-store media networks for major retailers in the United States such as Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), Costco (NASDAQ: COST), Best Buy (NYSE: BBY), Circuit City (NYSE: CC) and Albertsons (NYSE: ABS). They are one of the driving forces in the digital signage industry but as technology advances so should they and currently they have a need to upgrade their technology, which is something that NAMC Digital and D2Ads would be able to do for them.

On the International front you have Focus Media Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: FMCN) they are heavily involved in the digital signage business in Shanghai China and recently acquired one of their competitors by the name of Dotad that operates the largest Wireless Access Protocol in Beijing China. With the growth in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Focus Media is in a position to grow but their one problem is technology due to restrictions in the region. Even in this case NAMC Digital/D2Ads would be an asset to Focus Media Holdings in furnishing them not only with the technology but assist them in receiving approval in the region.

So in short NAMC Digital along with D2Ads has all the tools necessary to furnish any venue or retail store with the equipment, technology and content to suit their needs.

Charles Yoo, Preesident of the privately held D2Ads, has strategically positioned his company to make an impact in the billion-dollar digital signage industry. This is what he had to say in a brief statement “We are excited about our partnership with New Age Media Concepts’ NAMC Digital division, we feel that this strategic alliance will afford us the opportunity to take advantage of the growth opportunities in the industry currently.”

Keep in mind that companies such as Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), which is coming out with their new Zune shortly and Apple Computer (NASDAQ: AAPL) which is on top of the heap in the digital entertainment arena with the popular iPod, are opening the doors wide open in the digital arena by connecting with users on the go. This is another avenue that is being tapped by advertisers, digital mobile marketing.

We can only predict what may happen in the future within the digital signage arena but to date the progress has not let us down one bit, advertisers and their agencies are beginning to see the value and the retail stores as well as the sports venues and shopping malls are all slowly but surely coming around.

So the combination of NAMC Digital and D2Ads makes them well positioned to capture new business and additional market share from existing digital signage customers not only in the United States but globally.

The group is also positioned to form strategic alliances globally to not only expand their reach but to tie in various other digital marketing vehicles around the world.

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