Arranging a Hen Night Party at Home

May - 08

Arranging a Hen Night Party at Home

Corporate functions Melbourne demand even more than private celebrations in terms of catering, presentation, service, concept, and general professionalism. A party thrown in honor of a bride to be is usually known as hen party. The term is widely used across UK, Australia and Ireland with different terms being used to describe similar parties in other parts of the world. The term itself originates from the ‘henna’ or a plant which is considered to be auspicious and an integral part of the marriage ceremony across parts of South Asia and Middle East. It really has no relation with the source of your eggs.

The practice of celebrating a hen night has caught on now and is, in fact, very similar to a stag party being both unusual and crazy. The girls don’t believe in sedate and somber celebrations any more either. Although food and drink continue to an important part of the hen dos, it is certainly not the only thing worthwhile anymore. A number of ideas have surfaced and the girls including the would-be bride simply let their hairs down and indulge in wild and rambunctious round of revelries.

But what do you really have to take care of when you want to have a small intimate gathering at a hen do? You don’t have to think of something extraordinary if you prefer homely surroundings. The only things that you need to remember are:-

Choose a theme that goes well with the mood of the party.

Decorate the room as well as the house so that it looks a little different. Streamers, balloons, plants and table confetti are some of the things used for doing up your house without having to spend a king’s ransom.

Get a beautician to come in and pamper both the bride as well as your friends with special beauty packages which include a facial, massage sessions and body wraps. You will be surprised to see how rejuvenated you all feel with the bride looking positively radiant on her big day.

Book the services of butlers and waiters who will serve you with refreshments and drinks from time to time, clad only in G-strings, especially if you want to add a tinge of naughtiness to the entire event.

Specifying a costume for each guest can also provide a lot of laughs. Guessing who is behind a mask or playing games will help to alleviate the fears of the bride as she gets ready for the impending D-day.

Close family members mostly sisters or cousins are the mastermind behind such parties. Friends help out too especially if the bride is blessed with a close friend who can take care of all the arrangements. Small intimate gatherings where can get to do your own thing is usually preferred. The venue, in such cases, can be the home of a friend or the home of the bride herself. More lavish settings are required when you plan to celebrate in style. Clubs, bars or restaurants can easily double up as an effective venue for a large crowd of people.

For more information on hen night party, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the hen weekends!

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